Big Rat Trap/ Mouse Glue Trap (Pack of 20)

The Rat Trap is trapping all kinds of RAT/Mouse in various location areas such as office, Food storage area, Production area, Warehouse, False ceiling and it is directly ready to use.

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Product Detail and Specifications

Rat Trap is made using natural or synthetic adhesive applied to cardboard.

Rat Trap is non-poisonous sticky glue spread over cardboard and the like and kept in places rats frequently, which gets them stuck to it when they pass over it. The rat will subsequently die from dehydration and Choke. Bait may also be placed on the cardboard to attract the rats.

If Animals that come into contact with the trap can be released from the glue by applying vegetable oil and gently working the animal-free. These types of traps are effective and non-toxic to humans.

Rato’n Trap is used primarily for rat/mouse control indoors. Rato’n Trapper is not effective outdoors due to environmental conditions (moisture, dust).

About the Product

Quantity - 20 pieces

Big Size - 22*33 cm

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